Snickers the donkey gets cuddles and treats from his new best friend: "Perfect in our herd/family"

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Ever since a donkey came home to the Koppert family, their farm and their lives have been enriched with so much love and fun times.

Snickers the donkey enjoys getting attention from everyone, but he particularly likes to get cuddles from a little boy, his best friend. Brandon and Damaris Koppert have two kids, a boy and a girl, and Snickers has formed a tender bond with their son Gunnar.

What are the details?

After one of their alpacas had an encounter with a neighbor's dog, the couple decided it was time to start looking for some guard animals. And their research eventually led them to donkeys, who can get very loud when intruders disturb them.

"We posted [...] that we were on the hunt for a donkey, and we had a lovely family reach out. They told us their donkey was looking for a new home that had a little more time for him. His name was Snickers," Damaris shared with The Epoch Times.

So the couple traveled to meet the donkey. "We just knew he would be perfect in our herd/family," Damaris added.

As soon as Snickers got to their farm, everyone was intrigued by him. And the most curious of all was Gunnar.

"They slowly walked up to each other, and Snickers put his head down and let Gunnar pet him," Damaris said.

Snickers had no trouble fitting in with the alpacas and his new family. The connection he had with the little boy was instant, and the love and care they showed for each other touched everyone who witnessed it.

"It was cute to see their bond forming. Soon, Gunnar was [...] making sure Snickers got his treats and cuddles every time," the mom recalls.

And as days went by, they became more attached to each other.

Snickers got into the habit of "asking' for the little boy each time the family went on the pasture, and then he would keep following him all the time.

Gunnar's favorite task now is to make sure Snickers is clean. He brushes him up and does all he can so the donkey looks neat and comfortable.

"If Snickers has dirt on him, Gunnar will [...] grab a brush and clean him up. And Snickers loves it, standing super still for his little man," Damaris said.

The mom also shared that Snickers has slowly turned into an amazing guard animal who "absolutely loves human attention and cuddles."

And he does insist on being in the spotlight as much as he can.

"If we come to the pasture, all eyes must be on him. He gets jealous if we spend too much time focused on the ladies (alpacas)," she explained.

Since no one knows Snickers' date of birth, his birthday is now celebrated on the same day as Gunnar's, so they can both enjoy the party. The donkey has definitely found his forever home with so many cuddles and treats, of which apples are still his favorite.

Damaris keeps posting touching updates on social media about the unique friendship between her son and Snickers, and the online response has been very positive and endearing.

"People have fallen in love with this bond, saying it makes their day every time they see them together. Even if they have a bad day, Gunnar and Snickers will brighten it. Some have even said it has helped them deal with all the difficult times they are dealing with these days," she concluded.


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