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86-year-old widower forms "unbreakable bond" with little girl: "It's adding years to his life"

Amy Christie

A young dad decided to introduce his daughter to a widower in his 80s, and the way the two of them connected is brightening up each day.

Every time the little girl comes to see Floyd, whose wife recently passed away, the man instantly starts smiling, and he has found a new joy in life. They've watched Superbowl together and venture on trips to a local ice cream shop too.

What are the details?

Camerin Kindle is Brinley's dad, and he brought his little girl to see Floyd after his mother, who works at the Idaho assisted-living facility where Floyd currently resides, told him about the widower.

Camerin filmed the moment when Brinley and Floyd met for the first time and the way the man instantly bonded to Brinley, who he now looks on as his own granddaughter.

"You could just see the light being brought to his eyes," the dad shared with The Epoch Times.

After losing his wife, Floyd was caught up in a "pretty dark place" for a while, but things are now looking up for him after bonding with the little girl.

Since that first meeting, Camerin, Brinley, and Floyd have gone on to create more wonderful memories. The "unbreakable bond" between the widower and Brinley can easily be seen as he cradles her, when Brinley falls asleep in his arms, each time they go looking for ice cream together or watch TV.

And what began as just a short visit meant to cheer up Floyd is now blossoming into a connection that brings the true meaning of family to light.

Camerin also thinks of the widower as "Grandpa Floyd." Brinley and her dad come to see Floyd once or twice every week, and the elderly man is instantly happy when they step inside.

And when Floyd tries to thank Camerin for bringing his daughter to see him, the young dad reminds him there's no need for that since he is now "grandpa," and they will always want to see how he's feeling and make sure he stays positive.

"I feel that it's adding years to his life. It's something that you can't buy at the store. You don't need to be fully related to someone to be part of their family," Camerin said.

This beautiful bond has touched many people in the online community as well, ever since Camerin shared the video on social media. There has been a lot of support and encouraging words to help Floyd after his loss.

In sharing the video, the young dad wished to send out a meaningful message and show that there is still so much kindness and love around if you just look close enough and are willing to take a step and improve someone's life.

"Whatever you do, it may impact someone's life more than you think it could," Camerin concluded.


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