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YouTube streamer says sorry for shouting at woman to "go do your husband's dishes"

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A gaming YouTuber who has 7 million followers recently apologized after a video of him shouting at a woman playing the same game and using expletives surfaced on social media.

Darren Watkins has said that he is now a different person and that he has changed since that video was filmed.

What are the details?

Darren Watkins, who owns the channel IShowSpeed, apologized after a video of him making explicit comments toward a woman who was playing the same game was aired on Twitter.

In the footage, he can be heard shouting negative words at the woman and then telling her loudly to "get off the [...] game and go do your husband's dishes."

Jake Lucky, esports commentator, posted the video that shows Watkins while playing the game Valorant. The YouTuber used explicit language and shouted at other gamers by using the voice chat feature, which allows fellow gamers to communicate with each other while immersed in the game.

At one point, he yelled at a woman playing the same game.

In his tweet, Lucky wrote that "I now understand why Valorant queues are so unbelievably toxic. You got one of the most popular streamers on YouTube, IShowSpeed saying [things] like this and getting nothing but praise and laughs. "

The post got over 170,000 likes and 13,900 retweets.

Sara Dafadshar, who is a game producer working at Riot Games, responded to the post by saying, "We do not want players like this in our community at all. I went ahead and [...] banned this player from Valorant, as well as all other Riot Games. Thanks for raising this. Please keep raising stuff like this."

What happened next?

Just one hour after Dafadshar posted her comment, Watkins uploaded a video with the caption "sorry," in which he apologized for the things he had said.

The YouTuber stated that the video had been filmed some months ago when he "wasn't having a good day" because of comments from other players.

"I was completely wrong in that situation right there. I can't say anything to justify that situation," he added.

He also pointed out that he "grew" and "changed" since he made those comments and that he would "love to hear from" that woman he had shouted at if she had anything to tell him.




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