Publix employee, best friends with little girl: "Brought my daughter joy her whole life"

Amy Christie

Love, kindness, and appreciation are not always easy to find. But the friendship that sprung up between a Publix employee and a little girl shows that age doesn't matter when it's about being happy and feeling cherished.

Fiona found her best friend at Publix, and Gilnet, also known as "High Five," is always ready to give her a smile or a hug.

What are the details?

Gilnet is a Publix employee, and ever since he met Fiona, they have had a special connection. Smiles, hugs, and high fives were exchanged countless times, and the little girl has come to call him "High Five," according to Sunnyskyz.

She gets excited every week when she heads to the store with her mom and knows she will see her friend once more.

And on her birthday, she got a wonderful surprise. Gilnet gave her a new bicycle, and Fiona loved the surprise. The little girl treasured the gift from her friend, and she brought him a thank-you card to show how much the gift meant to her and how happy it made her.

Her parents filmed Fiona going around the store with the card she had made, searching for Gilnet. As soon as she spotted the employee, she ran to him, and they shared a big hug.

He couldn't stop smiling after seeing the card and the whole interaction sparked love all around.

Rachel, Fiona's mom, wants to show the employee how much the whole family appreciates his friendship with Fiona. After receiving many requests from online users touched by the kindness and pure love in the video she posted on social media, she decided to launch a GoFundMe page for Gilnet.

"Gilnet, our favorite Publix worker, has always provided a smile, a high five, and a hug for Fiona [...]. She knows him as High Five and looks forward to seeing him every week! He got her a bicycle for her birthday, and I'd love to give something tangible back to him. He's brought my daughter joy her whole life," the fundraiser says.

So far, 585 people have contributed, and about $9,075 was raised.

The power of kindness is unique, and every time you think you've seen it all, it's the little things that come back to surprise you. Filling every gesture with love is a great way to help everyone you meet.


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