Layoffs pave the way to growing business for 27-year-old man: "People around the world need someone like me"

Amy Christie

He was laid off twice, but a Louisiana man didn't let that discourage him. He decided to take control of his own fate and turn his side hustles into a successful business.

From food delivery to lawn care, home repairs, moving services, and pest control, Tyrone Smith provides a wide range of skills useful for his community.

What are the details?

Tyrone Smith from Houma lost his jobs with an energy company and Terrebonne Council on Aging, but that didn't mean he gave up.

Getting laid off was certainly a struggle. However, Tyrone gradually realized that he had a lot to give and plenty of skills that could help him get a business started.

"I was [...] hurt because [...] my ego had gotten in the way of doing [my job]. I had to follow[...] rules, and at the time [...] I wanted to play my own game," he shared with The Epoch Times.

Once he understood that all the side jobs he'd had up until then could be united into a growing business, his idea started taking shape. He was highly experienced in lawn care, having worked in that field for several years, so that was how he started his business.

Tyrone got the lawn service idea while he was doing an oil job. Every day he would just come home and play games until late and then go to work again. This wasn't getting him anywhere, so he got a sudden idea for improving his profits.

"One of my friends, an older guy, told me that life is all about supply and demand. When he said it, a light went off [...] people always need grass cut!" he said.

At the time, this was just a side hustle, but after losing his job, he decided to make it his main activity.

The determined young man was keen to follow his dad's example, even though he lost him when he was young.

"When my dad passed, it motivated me to be something more in life. He was an entrepreneur, too. I thought about what he taught me [...], and I had to follow the blueprint," Tyrone shared.

He soon started getting requests on social media, and he decided to add more services to his offer.

He bought what he needed to start a food delivery service, and he offered moving services and pressure washing. Tyrone also has his own clothing brand, King Hustle, drives a school bus, and brings supplies to the elderly.

And it looks like he will keep adding to what he does, based on what his community needs.

"Recently, I had a 'first.' Somebody called me [...] because they had a possum," he said.

Despite all the challenges he's been through, Tyrone values the way he can touch lives daily and improve his business while staying true to himself.

"Throughout the whole process of striving to become a better person and grow my business, the best thing [...] is that I stayed me the whole time. I didn't pretend to be anyone else," he added.

And his days can't get boring either. Since he provides many different services, he can always learn something new.

"Sometimes I have to do things off my gut feeling, or I may end up undercharging [...], and I might lose because I don't have the knowledge. That's one of the trials I go through, figuring out what's right and what's wrong," he concluded, showing once again how much determination and perseverance matter when you set out to live a better life.

Staying humble, genuine, and friendly to all his neighbors has helped him a great deal, and he keeps adding more skills as he goes.

"People around the world need someone like me [...]. I would love to see people do just what I do [...] and grow and grow," Tyrone explained.

Growing in kindness never gets out of style, and not fitting into a traditional job type doesn't mean you don't have the skills to succeed in anything you set your heart on.

"It just feels so good that I'm doing something with my life," Tyrone said, bringing home the true meaning of profits based on doing a good turn every hour of the day.


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