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Basketball crowd stays silent for blind player to hear the hoop

Amy Christie

A basketball game that took place recently brought a whole new meaning to solidarity and kindness. The entire crowd stopped cheering and went completely silent so one of the players, who is blind, could hear clearly and know where to throw.

What are the details?

Jules Hoogland was one of the players at the basketball game. She is completely blind. During the game, the people who came to watch came together as a special gesture to support her.

All the people in the crowd that were there to cheer at the game acted in unison and stayed silent so Jules could hear where she should throw the ball, according to Sunnyskyz.

That wonderful moment during the game showed inclusion and the will to be open for everyone to use their unique skills.

And Jules heard plenty of cheers during the game, too.

"That's my daughter! I'm [...] proud of her! Zeeland Public Schools has stood beside my daughter and encouraged her [...] Thank you, ZPS!!" the girl's mother, Karen Hoogland, wrote on social media.

The online community cheered this kind gesture that brought out the best side of the competition.

"Great experience and great sportsmanship. Congratulations, young lady, well done!! Never give up nor feel left out, no matter what," one user wrote.

"Encouragement, inspiration, and [...] love, at a time when we so need it as a world, as a nation, as a people," was another reaction.

"I love [...] the reaction was instantaneous. You can't manufacture that. I bet the girl [...] is still smiling about it," a moved user said about the way the whole crowd reacted to support the player.

The video posted on social media with the unique moment in the game got thousands of likes and over 3 million views. It made many people smile, relieved to see there is still so much goodwill and a wish to help others in any circumstances.


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