Crow comes to play puzzles with teacher, have treats together: "He found me"

Amy Christie

A wild crow looking for a new friend chose a teacher for affection and fun times. The crow comes every day to see the teacher, and they solve puzzles together, try new games and share plenty of treats.

And there are times when the clever crow also brings family over, adding to the wonderful bond that keeps growing all the time.

What are the details?

Alexandra Rosch, 53, is a teacher who lives on the outskirts of Berlin. A crow has become her best friend and is visiting her daily. The crow called Krari sometimes brings his partner too, called Kruu.

"He found me. He has a funny, curious, and brave personality. He can get mischievous and is a loyal friend to me," the teacher shared with The Epoch Times.

Alexandra revealed that the cow was initially attracted by the peanuts she put on her terrace in wintertime. A large crowd of birds got interested and came to check out the peanuts, but only two of them stuck around.

In the beginning, they came to see her daily and sat on a tree close to her house, patiently watching the teacher. Those crows were Krari and his partner Kruu.

Alexandra soon realized that Krari loved playing games, so she started to hide treats and made the visits more enjoyable.

"I wanted to see [...] how he reacts. I found his reactions interesting, especially to things he didn't know. For example, he jumps back and forth when approaching a strange thing, but he never gives up. That impressed me," she said.

And there have been very few times that Krari wasn't able to find his treat.

"Sometimes it takes a little longer; he loses his nerve and walks away but comes back after a while. If it doesn't work [...], he grabs the whole thing and flies with it; I have to be careful what I offer him," the teacher explained.

And it's not just Krari and Kruu that come round to see her. They also bring their four fledglings to enjoy family fun with the teacher from time to time.

Alexandra feeds them fruit, peanuts, fish, meat, or eggs. She likes to watch her friends hanging out on her balcony or searching for the next clue during the weekend.

She also sets up shell games, wraps small pieces of food in paper and hides them, or puts peanuts in small glass jars with different obstacles on top.

As Krari keeps on solving the puzzles, the teacher documents his progress online. The wise crow already has his own dedicated page, and whenever Kruu or the fledglings try some of the games, they are included in the videos.

"I wanted to share them for people who think these birds are fascinating like I do. I get emails [...] telling me about experiences with crows and sending photos; people have connected with the personalities of Krari and his family members and enjoy watching them," the teacher shared.

This bond with the crow and his family has certainly enriched her life and brought new meaning to each day.

"It's wonderful to have wild friends; their freedom enriches my life immensely," Alexandra concluded.


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