Nothing can hold you back: Woman visits 30 countries in wheelchair with her soulmate

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A woman who couldn't walk again after an accident refused to be diminished by living her life in a wheelchair. She found a great way to travel and see the most beautiful places in the world. And she did it in the arms of her loving partner.

What are the details?

Giulia Lamarca, an Italian bogger, was coming back from work with her boyfriend when they had an accident on his scooter. That day changed her life permanently.

"We slipped during a turn. It was so quick; I remember thinking, 'Don't fall over him; he will get hurt. The pain rose to my back, and I realized something was wrong," Giulia shared with The Epoch Times.

After surgery and dedicated physiotherapy, Giulia had to learn how to move again, and all her sporting dreams got left behind.

"Everything was a daily challenge,[...] I couldn't even get dressed by myself. Somehow, I overcame these problems because I wanted to get better, [...] recovering my autonomy bit by bit," Giulia recalls.

Her personal mantra, "I can do this," is what helped her get through the struggles and difficult moments.

She tried to add smiles to each day by reading jokes, but what made a difference was Andrea.

"He was a physiotherapy student; I met him [...] after the accident. He came to say hi because our fathers used to work together: having someone on the other side when you are in a hospital can be [...] useful sometimes," Giulia said.

They saw each other every day and started spending a lot of time together. At first, they were just friends, and then their relationship became a romantic connection. Andrea not only reassured her that everything would be ok. He also meant to see the world with Giulia by his side.

"We were sitting outside the hospital when he asked me, 'What if we go to Australia?' I thought he was crazy, but I said yes," Giulia said.

Since that time, they've visited 30 countries, taken photos, and filmed amazing videos of their unique adventures.

They got to see Sri Lanka, Mach Picchu, the sacred boulder of Sigiriya, and the Great Wall of China.

"My husband has literally carried me places I cannot access otherwise," Giulia shared with Love What Matters. Indeed, Andrea carried her for 1,000 steps on his back, and they witnessed amazing views together.

And the wonderful experiences have also been valuable lessons.

"Traveling teaches us [...] about the world and [...] ourselves. When you have an accident, there's always [...] 'before' and 'after;' if you don't [...] let go of the before, you will live in the past. In our travels, nobody knows me; I am just Giulia; I can start over, be who I am, not only who I used to be," Giulia concluded.


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