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Music heals hearts: Couple gets violin serenade for 67th anniversary

Amy Christie

Daniel Morris, who is a professional viola player from Oklahoma, is passionate about music and its power to create connections and bring up special memories for people.

After he moved to Los Angeles, he started offering unique serenades, and when Marvin and Lois Futrell's children asked him to perform a special concert for their parents' 67th anniversary, he just couldn't say no.

What are the details?

Marvin and Lois Futrell are both close to their 90s, and their anniversary was drawing near. Their children sent Morris a text message only a night before the special occasion, but he didn't hesitate to make their anniversary a memorable one.

"Their family in Utah messaged me, [...] asked if I could go serenade them. They were touched, and it meant so much to them that their family set this up," Morris shared with The Epoch Times.

The once-in-a-lifetime moment was caught on camera and posted on social media so everyone could see how beautiful love can be at any age.

In the beginning, the Futrells stood in the doorway, totally surprised by the musician showing up.

After that, they moved to the front yard, where chairs had been set up. Morris went on to play for them, starting with Elvis Pressley's classic "Can't Help Falling In Love" and then continuing with "Amazing Grace."

Lois was crying, and her husband was also visibly touched by the wonderful gesture.

Lois played violin for years, and Marvin always drove her to practice and would sit in the audience to listen as she played.

Having Morris perform a dedicated serenade just for them meant the world to the couple. They were deeply touched and very emotional.

"They said all the songs I played were special, meaningful songs to them and couldn't believe they got their own concert in their front yard," the musician added, pointing out just how much it meant to him to offer the couple a beautiful day and be a part of the affection that could be felt all around.




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