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Making friends with homemade pancakes: "People hungry to connect and laugh"

Amy Christie

It's not always easy to start talking to your neighbors and get close to other people. A man who lives in San Francisco chose pancakes as an icebreaker and organized a free event as a chance to get to know more people and have friends again.

The pancake party brought the whole community together and the connections forged while enjoying the delicious pancakes will undoubtedly be remembered with smiles.

What are the details?

Curtis Kimball, who owns the Crème Brûlée Cart, put out flyers for the special event throughout his neighborhood. The funny flyers read, "My wife says I'm getting weird, and I need to make friends. So I'm making pancakes."

And the plan definitely worked. The pancakes treat rounded up dozens of people who got curious, hungry, or just wanted to connect with no pressure.

The man wrote about the unique experience on social media, letting everyone know what he learned after the event and also that he wants to host some more.

"Vibes are effed up. I can't [...] solve the problems here, but I can make pancakes. I hung fliers all over the neighborhood. Over 75 people came, and 125 pancakes were eaten," he wrote.

According to Good News Network, Kimball was surprised by the positive reactions, as he had planned it all while feeling a bit nervous.

He realized that when people arrived, and more neighbors got together, the feeling of happiness was all around. Everyone who entered the pancake place "came with [...] wonder, hope, joy."

"They expected it to be wonderful. And because of that, it was," he said for Yahoo News.

Kimball figured people would like to enjoy some pancakes and that this way, "there would be an opportunity to meet with neighbors and make friends."

And things turned out a lot better than he imagined. The "vibe was incredible [...] a mix of wonder and joy and people hungry to connect and laugh [...]. Kids and dogs, and many people who [...] had never met or connected."

Was it just a one-time event?

Not at all; Kimball is planning to repeat it and gather more people as the pancakes get popular. He dreams of hosting pancake parties in several San Francisco places and maybe even getting to other locations in the country and connecting people who love pancakes.

"I dream of hosting Saturday morning pancake parties for friends and neighbors across the country. We need more chances [...] to root for each other and to believe in each other," he concluded.


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