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"Daffodil sunrise": 153,000 blooms left as donation by banker who dreamed of retiring in an idyllic place

Amy Christie

153,000 daffodils are greeting spring in a little town in England as part of a beautiful gift left behind by a Canadian millionaire who dreamed of retiring to Sidmouth, Devon.

Even though he passed away before living his dream, the fragrant blooms make everyone smile and take further his wish to sustain the local way of life.

What are the details?

The generous gift left through the Canadian banker's will is bringing a whole field to life, and the sunshine and warmer air can't fail to make anyone who sees the flowers smile.

The sea of yellow amazes people of all ages, and it makes for a wonderful way to be remembered.

Keith Owen planned to settle down in Sidmouth, Devon, but his health didn't allow him to live that wish. Before passing away from cancer, he left $3 million to a conservation society in the area. And that's how the valley of bulbs turned yellow, bringing so much positivity for miles around.

"Every year, it brings back happy memories of this man who did this amazing thing for the town," Ed Harrison, from the Sidmouth Civic Society, shared with Good News Network.

Peak Hill in Sidmouth is covered in daffodils, and the fragrance is amazing. Crocus bulbs, snowdrops, and extra daffodils have also been planted in over 50 other places through the donation.

But nowhere else is the daffodils' perfume floating in the air like in their own hill and valley.

Mr. Owen passed away in Sidmouth at the Victoria Hospital. He was born in Totnes and attended school in Paignton at the Montpelier Preparatory School.

After 20 years of RAF service, he set his home in Ottawa, Canada.

The beautiful flowers he left behind bloom for every new spring as a wonderful legacy that never lets his memory fade.

The banker was convinced that "Sidmouth reflected England as it 'used to be'" and "the whole community honors the legacy of one of the town's most loved visitors, [...] a beautiful sight every spring and summer."

Photos of the beautiful fragrant field of daffodils have found their way on social media too.

As one user put it, "we're starting the week with 'daffodil sunrise.'" And that view certainly makes for a load of smiles and good cheer.


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