Left in a Walmart parking lot, dog keeps hugging the people who rescued him

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A golden retriever mix had to start living in a Walmart parking lot after his family left him there. Unfortunately, his owners didn't want him anymore, so he had to find a way to go on.

His rescuers soon found out that he is very affectionate and loves giving hugs when he feels someone cares about him.

What are the details?

The dog was left in a parking lot in rural Georgia. He had trouble with fleas, but more than anything, Clarence the dog felt sad because he had no one to love and love him back.

Once a group of rescuers from Hounds in Pounds found out about his situation, they immediately picked him up and saw he was in need of so much affection.

And the first thing that got their attention was that Clarence kept hugging everyone he met.

The group also rescued a German shepherd from the same parking lot, and Clarence became her friend in no time.

"Clarence had been palling with her, and they had been seen together in the Walmart parking lot. After we got the German shepherd to safety, we went back to see if Clarence was there," Cat Suzuki, the rescue group's founder, shared with The Epoch Times.

She also noted that Clarence was "sweet" and quickly attached himself to other people. Clarence was very skinny, but he didn't need a lot of vet care because he was generally healthy.

However, being rejected by his family had left him feeling sad and lonely. And everyone who met him could feel it.

"The biggest thing for Clarence was the emotional toll [...] because he is very connected with humans, and you could tell he was lonely," Cat added.

Even though "you could see he was sad," Clarence had a unique personality and bonded with his new carers. He also got famous for the way he shows he likes people; he hugs them with his paws.

"When he meets you and likes you, he wraps his paw around your leg; just wants to be close to you," Cat explained about the loving dog.

The dog's owners were contacted by the rescue, but they did not want him back. And even though there are dogs who adjust well to living in a shelter, Clarence clearly did not wish "to be left again."

The dog hasn't found his forever home yet, but the shelter is looking for a home for him around New Jersey or New York.

"Whatever you're doing, he wants to do it as long as he's [...]next to you. If you're cooking [...], he'll sit next to you [...] in the kitchen. If you're watching TV or working [...], he'll sit next to you. He wants to be in your life and be loved. He's so sweet," Cat added.




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