Taxi driver takes customers on free 400-mile ride when flight gets canceled for bad weather

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When a family's flight was canceled due to bad weather, they thought their chances to connect to a flight to the Caribbean had pretty much gone by. That's when a taxi driver stepped in and saved their vacation with an act of kindness.

What are the details?

John Murphy, from Scotland, has his own taxi company called Elite Central Travel. He is also a driver because he enjoys helping people. As he was driving customers back home from the theater, he got a call from Elaine, one of his loyal customers.

The woman and her family had ordered a taxi at 3 a.m. to take them to Glasgow airport so they could catch a flight to London. Unfortunately, the flight got canceled due to bad weather conditions.

Murphy shared with The Epoch Times that his customer was trying hard to sort things out with the airline. After taking his customers home, Murphy went back to his office and attempted to find alternative flights for Elaine and her family, but nothing was available.

It looked like they wouldn't get to their destination and enjoy their vacation.

What happened next?

That's when Murphy got an idea that would save the situation. He decided to take them all the way to the London airport himself.

"I called [...] and told them to be ready for 1 a.m, [...] no other way to get there," he said.

The taxi driver didn't hesitate to start the journey despite the rain mixed in with sleet, snow, and forceful winds. The bad weather kept up for the whole 400-mile drive.

"Driving conditions weren't great [...] we just took our time … we stopped a few times [...], but I was conscious[...] we had to be there around 8 a.m," Murphy recalled.

When they got to London Heathrow Airport, Murphy gave the family a second surprise. He didn't charge them anything for the long ride there!

"I [...] got thinking that it was terrible that these poor people were left in limbo by their airline. I told them to go and enjoy their holiday, and we'd talk about it when they got back. I told them I wasn't charging them," Murphy said, remembering what it felt like to make this amazing gesture only because he wanted to help them have a wonderful vacation.

"If you help others, maybe in your hour of need, someone will help you. [...] Be kind," the taxi driver concluded.


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