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Basketball teams pray together when player's grandfather falls ill during game

Amy Christie

The play was halted at an Iowa basketball tournament when a player's grandfather suddenly felt ill. The opposing teams made a circle and started praying together in a moving moment that went beyond the competition.

What are the details?

The tournament took place in Seymour, Iowa, and several fourth, fifth, and sixth-grade teams joined it from several towns.

Staci Cromer, 35, who lives in Humeston, was just watching the girls from Seymour playing against the Wayne County team when everything suddenly changed.

That was when the commotion started.

"All of a sudden, a man from our [...] crowd started to slump forward, his eyes rolled back, and he became unresponsive. He was laid on the bleachers, [...] and people in the crowd who have medical knowledge quickly took action," Staci shared with The Epoch Times.

The man was the grandfather of one of the players, and the woman quickly went over to see if she could help him.

And that was when the movement started down the court. A few girls from both of the teams who had been competing just a few minutes ago came together in a circle. They were on their knees and had their heads bowed in prayer.

After that, more girls joined them, and they all kept praying for the ill grandfather.

"Apparently, one [...] girl had started the circle. These kids did the best [...] they could do at that moment, and for two opposing teams to join for something more important is amazing!" Staci, a mother of two, reflected on the touching moment.

"The positives in the world, the positives in this world," she added.

The woman took a photo of the goodwill circle with praying girls and posted it on social media, reaching thousands of people who found hope and comfort in their compassion for each other.

The grandfather was discharged on the same night from the hospital, and he's now happily attending church services in Humeston.

Staci hopes that seeing the unique moment online will inspire more people to see there are still good things around us.

"If this drives even one person to begin a relationship with God, it served its purpose. Church-goers and non-church-goers told me the picture brought tears to their eyes. Most people are too busy or find it embarrassing to thank God, pray, or ask for help. Hopefully, the picture will draw them closer to God," she concluded.


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