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Garbage man stops truck to give much-needed hug: "I said a prayer"

Amy Christie

A garbage man didn't hesitate to stop and help someone in need.

The man who lives in Norwalk, Connecticut, hit the breaks and came out to give a heartfelt hug and some help to a woman in need.

What are the details?

A touching act of compassion was filmed by the owners of a local Deli. Carlos Gonzales and Dave Kuban caught kindness in action and shared it with everyone else so the meaning of hope and goodwill could be restored.

The wonderful moment only lasted 5 minutes, which goes to show that it only takes a short while to truly make a difference in someone's life.

As the deli owners were getting ready to face the morning rush at Hometown Deli in Norwalk, they suddenly spotted the garbage man as they looked out the window.

The man was approaching a young woman, coming from the side of the road, according to News12.

"It was a real hug," Gonzales told the outlet, and more than that, the worker also gave the woman some money. Kuban posted about the kind gesture on Facebook as a way to show appreciation for what he had just witnessed.

The post immediately took off on social media, with many users giving a shout-out to the compassion that was easy to see. The deli owners also asked everyone to help them find the worker so they could offer him a free lunch.

"We appreciate [...] something like that. We need that in the world today," Gonzales said.

And social media certainly worked. Users joining the wave of gratitude eventually led the deli owners to Mika Nance, who is employed by WIN Waste Innovations.

"You see someone walking around with everything [...] they own [...]. It just took over me," the worker said, remembering the compassionate hug.

Nance shared with the outlet that he talked to the woman at first, and he got to know a bit more about her problems. Then he offered her some cash but just felt that it wasn't enough.

He felt he had to do something more to comfort her.

"So I hugged her," he said, showing that his spontaneous reaction was based on how much sadness he could feel coming from the woman on the street. "I said a prayer," he added.

Nance is not boasting about his gesture. In his opinion, garbage men are very connected to the community they work in. He was born in Norwalk, loves the place, and is willing to do what it takes to help someone in need.

There is nothing better for Nance than to strive to be "the best person I can be every day."

Did it all stop there?

No, generosity and goodwill will always spread more kindness, and that's what happened this time too.

The worker's good deed inspired Kuban and Gonzales to help the woman too. The deli owners made breakfast for her and brought it over.

Gonzales was happy to be part of the kindness "domino effect," and for Nance, this was just another sign that there are a lot of nice people living around us. Taking the time to know them and help them when they're down can make all the difference.


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