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Chicago businessman to give away free gas worth $1 million

Amy Christie

A Chicago businessman has decided to repeat the amazing offer he already sent in for the city last week. Willie Wilson gave away $200,000 in free gas all over Chicago the past week, and now he will be going higher on the gas value.

$1 million in gas is in store for those struggling with high prices.

What are the details?

On Thursday, several gas stations across Chicago were busy with plenty of drivers waiting to fill their tanks. They didn't have to pay anything either. The gas they were getting was free.

Every vehicle that took part in the donation got $50 worth of gas until all the money destined for it was finished. The number of cars that got on board with this unique offer came very close to 4,000, according to Sunnyskyz.

When will the second giveaway take place?

If you missed the first offer, rest assured, you will get a second chance to have your fill. Wilson has let the word out about the date set for the $1-million donation in free gas.

March 24 is the day chosen for the gas giveaway. And this time, the amount offered will be higher, so more vehicles can have their tanks filled up.

$1 million is expected to cover five times more cars, so there will be extra opportunities to get your share in the offer.

Wilson said for CBS that the need in the Chicago community is very high due to gas prices hikes that have caused hardship for many families.

He is convinced, however, that "God's help and wisdom" and everyone else's generosity and support will help all citizens get through these challenging times.

Wilson has decided to help as much as possible because each time he can lend a hand to someone, "my living is not in vain."


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