Grandfather sells house to give granddaughter a chance to become a teacher: "I had to fulfill her dreams"

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A grandfather decided that he could give up on his house as long as his granddaughter could go on studying and get the education opportunities no one in his family had.

The auto-rickshaw driver believed that his responsibility to help her achieve her dreams was far greater than the need to have a roof over his head.

What are the details?

Desraj Ji revealed in an interview with Humans of Bombay that he lost both his sons but that only gave him more reasons to live and keep struggling because he had grandchildren and a daughter-in-law who needed support and care.

He revealed that his eldest son disappeared after he left one day for work but never came back to his family. Unfortunately, his second son decided to take his own life only two years later.

So, when his granddaughter came and asked Desraj if she would have to stop going to school and try to earn money, he didn't have the heart to tell her to stop studying. The power of her dreams inspired Desraj to work longer hours. He usually left home at 6 a.m. and only came back after midnight, after driving his auto rickshaw all day.

Despite his efforts, the family barely had enough to live on. Even providing all meals every day turned into a constant struggle. When his granddaughter told him she needed to travel to Delhi to enroll in a course, Desraj realized there was no way he could afford that from what he was earning.

"I had to fulfill her dreams," he said. So, he chose the only solution left. The roof over their heads would have to go to build a better future for his granddaughter. Desraj sold the family's house and paid his granddaughter's fee.

The grandfather was happy to make this sacrifice, and he is proud of all his granddaughter's achievements. He is excited to see her become a teacher and have a good start in life. She will be the first one to graduate in their family.

Are they left with no home and shelter?

The good news is that the grandfather's struggles did not fail to touch the hearts of many users on social media. An online fundraiser was set up for his cause, and thousands of people contributed after learning about the touching story. Together they helped raise $32,000 for Desraj and his family.

"Desraj Ji now has a roof over his head," Humans of Bombay wrote in a Facebook update. And it was all possible because of the online community's love and support.

Kindness and faith are real, and it only takes a chance to connect to see there is still so much to be grateful for out there.


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