Who needs a hug? Toddler runs to stranger, won’t let parents take him out of his arms

Amy Christie

If you’re starting to doubt there is goodness around you, a toddler’s reaction will show you that there is a way to know if people are good.

And hugs never come amiss, whether you’ve known that person for a long time or if you just like them instantly, on your first meeting.

Sometimes, just seeing someone drives you straight in their arms like it happened for the cheerful toddler who chose a stranger for an emotional moment.

What are the details?

A mother who owns a restaurant witnessed a spontaneous reaction from her toddler that left customers smiling.

As soon as a man walked inside the restaurant, the toddler knew his mind in one second. He ran up to him and reached up. And once inside the hug, his parents had a hard time taking him back, according to Sunnyskyz.

“My son has never met this man - he walked in our restaurant, and he ran to him and reached for him. Now he won’t let any of us take him back,” the mother said.

How did people react?

The simple hug was met with a wave of good cheer from online users who realized there must have been some connection based on kindness and goodwill between the little boy and the man he saw.

“Imagine how that guy feels! Incredible. He has goodness spilling out from within. That’s why that toddler feels so content and safe. Way to be, kind sir!” one user wrote after watching the touching video.

“Children are sensitive; they pick up everything we don’t! So Beautiful,” was how another commenter felt about it.
“You can see in the man’s face this little boy has touched his heart! So sweet!!” was another comment.

“Priceless! It shows the sweet character of this man! This child must have felt it.” was an emotional conclusion to this unique encounter that couldn’t fail to show how much kindness, honesty, and good old-fashioned love matter, no matter how difficult our circumstances.

And kids are the first ones to sense a good person in smiles, gestures, and everyday talks.

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