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Stranded yoga instructor meditates 48 hours to face the cold until she gets rescued

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A yoga instructor from California had planned to go hiking with two friends. The hiking enthusiasts wanted to reach Mt. Givens in the Sierras.

They should have taken about four hours to complete their trip, but when the instructor separated from her companions, she struggled to keep an unshakeable calm in the freezing temperatures.

Meditation helped her cope with the dangerous situation until she was rescued.

What are the details?

Jolly Bose, 43, from Palo Alto, is convinced that the mistake that led to the terrible experience was leaving her portable cell phone battery at home by accident, according to The Epoch Times.

She set off with Ken and Dmitry, her two friends, to get to the peak at about 1 p.m., and they soon got to the summit, where they took great photos together. Since they were all satisfied and happy with their success, they thought it would be ok to change the initial plan and take on Mt. Ian Campbell nearby.

Even though she had not downloaded the route to the destination, Bose decided to join Ken and modified her itinerary.

Out of habit, Ken sped up, and they soon became separated. The woman didn’t go ahead but instead went south, looking for a vehicle trail off the highway. It kept getting darker, and it was colder by the minute. At the same time, Bose’s phone couldn’t pick up data and started to go off. Her headlamp was already dimmed by the cold when she made it to the trail.

She couldn’t risk getting lost at night, so she got shelter in a small outdoor bathroom made for off-roaders. She crouched inside to keep warm, but it was challenging because she had already crossed a creek, and her feet were wet.

“It was extremely cold. Stranded alone in the wilderness, with nobody there, I had no fears,” she shared with the outlet.

Even though the situation was dire, Bose kept calm and used her meditation training to get through the challenging moments.

“I practice yoga and meditation, and I know your body responds to your thought. What you tell your body, that’s how it should behave,” she explained.

She knew search patrols would look for her and needed to keep calm so her temperature could stay up. She also tried to find something visible to flag planes or helicopters that could pass overhead.

Bose used a broom from the bathroom and made a flag out of her red jacket. A rescue helicopter eventually spotted her and landed near the shelter. She had gone more than 7 miles south of Mt. Givens.

When the crews came to rescue her, Bose could walk on her own to get inside the helicopter.

After making a full recovery from the daunting experience, Bose is ready for more hiking adventures and is already planning the next trip.

“We always need to be prepared for the worst, and this includes not relying on electronic systems,” Bose said.

The woman thinks another factor was at play, helping her stay strong during the ordeal.

“I touched many people, and they love me and prayed for me,” she concluded, referring to her family, friends, and faith.

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