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Couple with nine kids adopts two more children: “God inspired us for this precious and sacred family”

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A couple who lives in Arizona has two kids, adopted seven children, and they have just welcomed two more siblings into their family.

The happy parents see all their kids as “precious jewels” and are convinced God directed their steps at every turn until they got to have this special family of 13.

What are the details?

Maria Hansen-Quine, an elementary grade school teacher from Phoenix, is married to Sam Quine, an adopted kid himself. The couple feels faith is the most crucial guidance needed to have a happy family, according to The Epoch Times.

“We have two kids from Ghana, four kids from China, and three from the United States, as well as our two children. God directed us. Each adoption story is loaded with unexpected, extraordinary details which boldly declare that God writes the best stories. Faith has called us and sustained us, and each time faith gave us the courage,” Maria shared with the outlet.

The happy parents are thankful for what they have, and they greet each day with humble smiles, amazed at how much joy they get to share in.

“Our every day is a miracle. I mean, to think that a girl from the Faroe Islands married a boy from South Korea and now lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with 11 jewels. Crazy, right?” Maria said.

Their most recent adoption concerns two siblings. Maria recalls that she had been working with a student for one year and a half when she found out that the girl and her brother needed a permanent home. Maria and Sam were not planning to adopt more kids, but the emergency convinced them.

“God inspired us. We were not planning it or expecting it when I realized how big the need was,” Maria said.

Maria was close to the girl, and she encouraged several of her coworkers to adopt her and her brother, but when she realized it wouldn’t happen, she and her husband decided to step in once again.

“At that moment, God opened our eyes to see them as our children. Two weeks later, they came to our home, and ten months later, they became our son and daughter,” Maria explained.

The couple still cherishes the first time they adopted a child. In just two days, they became parents after being married for five years.

“We had no kids and became parents within a weekend. There were many details leading up to the weekend. The next morning, we drove to Pennsylvania to meet the mom and her precious new daughter. We stayed at the hospital on that day, and in the end, she told us she wanted us to have her daughter. She chose us, and God told me that my new daughter would be the best gift He would ever give me. I still think back to that very precious and sacred moment,” the happy mother of 13 said.

And when people ask Maria and Sam what it’s like raising 13 kids, their answer is, “Blessed and hard at the same time.”

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