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Son gets to hug mother after two years of separation: “It felt like we were the only people on Earth”

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An actor whose mom lived in Australia got a fantastic surprise when she walked up to him as he was sitting in a London pub.

They got to share their very first hug in two years, and the emotional moment touched thousands of people worldwide, many of them still separated from their loved ones due to the pandemic.

What are the details?

The once-in-a-lifetime hug was caught on camera, and it made people smile all around the world.

“I was in complete shock. And when we hugged, it felt like we were the only two people on Earth,” Ciarán Joyce, 34, said for The Epoch Times.

He shared the video on social media, explaining that his mother moved to Australia right before the pandemic started.

“I hadn’t seen her since the pandemic began. We also lost my Nan (her Mam) in April, and she couldn’t come home to say goodbye due to strict Australian border control,” he said.

They always stayed connected via FaceTime up until Hayley managed to travel to London to meet her son again. Her return was organized with the help of actor Lucy Dryzek, her son’s partner.

As he spotted his mom coming inside the pub, Ciarán looked disbelieving at first, then he got to his feet and hurried towards her. They hugged tightly, and both started crying.

“When she told me she was coming home, we started to plan the best surprise ever,” Lucy wrote on social media about the memorable encounter.

The mother and son have always been very close, and his mother encouraged him to follow his dreams. This was the longest they were apart, and it will be a memory to keep for a lifetime.

“It’s been lovely to see people react so positively and take so much comfort from the video. It feels like it encapsulates what many all over the world have gone through, in regard to not seeing their loved ones,” Ciarán told the outlet.

He also had a message for everyone who is still going through this type of distance and can’t get together with their loved ones yet.

“I hope, if you are separated from your loved ones during the pandemic, you get to see and hug them soon. It’s hard not seeing the people you care for most, but when you do finally get to hug them, it makes it all worth it,” he said.

The reunited family is excited for the holidays, and they’re going to do some serious catching up, with added smiles, good cheer, and plenty of old-fashioned laughter.

“We will all get together over Christmas and catch up with loads of good food,” Ciarán concluded.

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