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Woman ruins dessert, blames pie maker for toasted results: “How many days did you bake it?”

Amy Christie

A woman ended up with a burned pie on Thanksgiving Day, and she decided to go to the pie maker’s social media page to complain about what happened.

Since she was the one who baked the pie, a wave of comments pinpointed the other possible reasons that could have contributed to the burnt desert.

The woman’s disappointment soon turned into a chain of funny explanations. The pie maker did make an apology and offered to help in any way they could. However, the photo doesn’t leave much room for improvement or rescuing.

What are the details?

Sharon Weiss bought a pie made by Marie Callender’s as dessert for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the pie didn’t fare that well, and the end result was a dark, burnt pie that couldn’t possibly be eaten. So, after she burnt her pie, the woman wrote on the pie maker’s social media page to point out just how disappointed she felt, according to Sunnyskyz.

“Thanks, Marie Calendar, for ruining Thanksgiving dessert,” the woman wrote. She also attached the photo of the terrible-looking pie to her post.

Marie Callender’s replied to her post the next day, doing their best to reduce some of the bad feelings.

“Hi, Sharon. Thank you for your post. We’re sorry to hear our Pumpkin Pie let you down. We’d like to get in touch to hear more and help,” the company wrote online.

How did people react?

Online users saw the post, and several jumped in to defend the pie maker and sort out what could have happened. In any case, they all felt that the way the pie was baked was entirely up to the woman, so the result couldn’t really be blamed on Marie Callender’s.

So, that’s how the funny explanations kicked off.

“Don’t you dare apologize. It’s not your fault Sharon decided to set her oven so high,” one user wrote.

“Do send her a larger version for the back of the box, please” was a different suggestion to clarify the pie issue.

“Ma’am, where does the recipe say you got to bake it in the actual sun?” one commenter asked.
“Why are you sorry? You didn’t cremate her pie, and you didn’t set her oven temperature,” is another take on the situation.

“You know the fire alarm isn’t a timer, right?” a different user chimed in on the thread.

“For how many days did you bake it?” was another doubt from a commenter.

“I’m no culinary genius, but I’m sure the instructions say to bake the pie, not light it on fire and then stick it in the broiler,” a user wrote about the situation.

“For next Thanksgiving, turn the oven down to more like 325” was an idea for avoiding this crispy desert in the future.

What do you think? Did the pie maker have anything to do with the ruined desert?

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