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Man creates bedroom for his cat out of crawl space: “He takes naps and watches birds on tv”

Amy Christie

While redesigning his home, a man found a small crawl space. It didn’t have any apparent use, but as soon as he spotted it, he knew who would love it. His rescue cat got an amazing gift before the holidays.

He can now use his own tiny bedroom and stay as comfy as he can.

What are the details?

Bryan Davies had been doing a detailed check for all the areas in his house. He intended to remodel the space, so he needed to figure out what could stay the same and what he wanted redone. And while he was on it, he suddenly came across a small crawl space, according to Sunnyskyz.

The unused space became a source of inspiration for the cat owner, and he immediately thought that it would be an ideal space for a bedroom for his cat. Wyatt, his rescue cat, also warmed up to the idea, even though the man wasn’t sure he would actually use it.

The nice set-up encouraged the cat to get comfortable inside, and now he has specific times of day when he goes inside to chill out. He also watches YouTube videos with birds as he sits cozily in the tiny bedroom.

“He goes inside to nap and watch birds on YouTube,” Davies shared with the outlet.

The surprise gift turned into a cat-sized bedroom the pet loves and wouldn’t give up for anything. The cat has a little bed inside, complete with a mattress, a rug, yarn balls to play with, tiny cat pictures set up on the wall, a toy box, and the smallest tv set that connects to the internet.

There is also a little wooden chair that he can jump on if he feels like it.

The happy cat will enjoy Christmas that much more when Santa has already brought him a new room and so much love from his owner.

Would you fix a bedroom like that for your cat?

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