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Cat takes in orphaned kittens despite losing leg: “Yuki loves her babies with all her heart”

Amy Christie

A stray cat has shown everyone that love knows no boundaries and that family is about love and compassion. The cat had just gone through emergency surgery to amputate her leg and then gave birth to four kittens of her own.

However, the amazing cat didn’t hesitate to look after two orphaned kittens who needed nurturing and protection from a mother.

What are the details?

Yuki, who is going through a difficult recovery at Wisconsin’s Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary, has given two lonely kittens the chance to find love again.

“Mama Yuki is only two years old. She came to us after getting attacked by a dog,” Elizabeth Feldhausen, Safe Haven’s founder and executive director, shared with The Epoch Times.

A few days after the cat had the surgery, the sanctuary staff noticed she was pregnant. Dr. Basten, the vet, employed at the sanctuary, confirmed babies were indeed on the way. Yuki soon gave birth to four kittens.

Just two days later, Bubba showed up.

“Bubba’s mother was a feral cat that left him behind when she was scared off by dogs. She moved all of the other kittens, one by one, to an unknown location but didn’t come back for him,” Elizabeth shared with the outlet.

Even though he was very hungry, the little kitten wouldn’t accept artificial feeding. He was the same age as Yuki’s kittens, so Elizabeth thought they could try something else.

“I asked Yuki if she could help him, then set him close to her. She sniffed him, cooed, and comforted him while he ate. Soon after, he fell asleep in a pile with all of his new siblings, content as could be!” Elizabeth recalls.

Yuki didn’t reject the tiny kitten because he wasn’t hers. She immediately adopted and helped a baby in need of love and protection.

In the meantime, another kitten came to the sanctuary. It was a white three-week-old kitten found on his own on a scrap pile.

The staff called him Scraps and introduced him to mama Yuki to see if she would help him too.

“When she saw him, she was concerned. She heard his cries, sniffed him, and immediately tried to comfort him. After that, she hugged him close so he could get milk, then snuggled him in with the rest of her babies,” Elizabeth said.

Yuki and her six kittens are “doing wonderfully, and Yuki loves her babies with all of her heart,” Elizabeth concluded after this unique example of unconditional love and care.

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