Baby elephant slides across cake made for grandmother: “Polite and friendly, sometimes naughty”

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A baby elephant that lives in a Thailand sanctuary made hundreds of people laugh after his reaction when seeing a beautiful cake prepared by caring staffers for his grandmother.

The little elephant destroyed the cake but had fun in the process, and his grandmother was silent about it, so this moment will stay as an amazing family birthday, nonetheless.

What are the details?

The adventurous little elephant saw the treat laid out for his grandmother and didn’t think twice. He ran to get it, curious and excited, according to The Epoch Times.

When he came close to the cake, he slid across it, then tasted a juicy slice of watermelon. Not satisfied with the mess that the cake had turned into, the funny elephant went in for a second slide on it and eventually decided it would be a good idea to sit on it.

In the meantime, his grandmother stood unperturbed, munching away at the bits of cake close to the unruly toddler.

Samui Elephant Haven, the sanctuary where they both live, shared the hilarious birthday event that took place on the 70-year-old elephant grandmother’s birthday

“Grandma! Please stop him!” is the suggestive caption on social media for the video of the party mess.

The elderly elephant, Sri Nin, worked two decades hauling wood trunks and is blind in one eye. On the other hand, the baby named Haven is the first calf born inside the sanctuary, so it’s understandable why he’s getting a little spoiled.

Staffers shared with the outlet that they had expected Haven to try some rice and pumpkin from the cake but not to destroy it completely.

“It’s okay because baby elephants are naughty. We can’t control them, and we knew that grandma would eat all of the cake!” they said.

They described little Haven as “polite and friendly, sometimes naughty,” and Sri Nin as “quiet, moving very slowly.”

The cake was a personalized treat with two names on it and a figure holding a soccer ball. It was part of the sanctuary’s campaign encouraging supporters to donate a cake in exchange for live footage of the elephants enjoying it.

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