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Dolphin introduces baby to dog who was his best friend for seven years: “Best buddies relationship”

Amy Christie

A 40-year-old wild dolphin has decided to introduce its baby to a loyal dog who has been his best friend for seven years.

The fun-loving dog now plays to his heart’s content with the two dolphins who took him in as extended family in this special bond.

What are the details?

Jojo is a wild dolphin that can often be spotted in the waters of Providenciales, an island southeast of the Bahamas. The dolphin loves his friend, a springer/cocker spaniel mix named Zyzz, and they have played together for seven years already, according to The Epoch Times.

Mark de Fraine, the dog’s owner, offers private water sports boats for the tourists visiting the area, and he also swims often with Jojo. He revealed that the beautiful friendship started on their very first sailing trip, and the dog and the dolphin have been together ever since.

“When Zyzz is on the boat, and Jojo shows up, they always play together,” he shared with the outlet.

Now that Jojo has a baby, you might think there could be some distance between them. On the contrary, the dolphin went right ahead and introduced its baby to the dog so they could all have fun and play.

“Jojo has a baby, Dreamer, who is even more playful when he meets up with Zyzz. They always play chase whenever they catch up,” Mark said.

Zyzz usually jumps into the water the second he sees the dolphin. While the dog swims in circles, Jojo floats beneath him, nudging the dog playfully. Now that Dreamer joined the band, he likes to hide underwater and jumps at unexpected times, making the dog chase him. There are also times when Jojo just stays back and watches the dog and Dreamer play together.

“Zyzz has a ‘best buddies’ relationship with Dreamer and Jojo, and it’s an incredibly rare bond. Zyzz is from the UK, and now he swims and plays with wild dolphins. It’s amazing to see,” Mark concluded about this unique bond that goes to show love is waiting everywhere, underwater or above.

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