Orphaned elephant builds friendship with caregiver: “Once they embrace you like family, they never let go”

Amy Christie

Peter Mbulu is a caregiver who has looked after elephants for more than two decades. And one of them decided to be his best friend. Bondeni was rescued after wandering on his own and has since connected with Peter in a unique bond.

What are the details?

The friendship that sprang up between Bondeni and Peter brings out the love and support involved in caring for baby elephants and helping them stay happy and healthy.

“Raising an elephant calf is a family affair in the wild. So, that’s where our Keepers come in. They provide the love and support these babies need to thrive. It’s an emotional investment to rescue an orphaned elephant, and it spans a lifetime. Once they embrace you like family, they will never let you go,” Angela Sheldrick, CEO of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, shared with The Epoch Times.

Since the babies no longer have their moms, they often look to their human caregivers for comfort and affection.

“These babies would have relied completely on their mothers for milk and protection. Now they have to turn to human caregivers to get the comfort, care, and constant nurturing they need to survive,” Angela added.

Play and bonding are encouraged at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and the touching story of this friendship shows just how much attention and dedication are involved in looking after baby elephants who are in search of a family.

“We have successfully reintegrated more than 170 orphaned babies back in the wild where they belong, with many going on to start their own families,” Angela concluded.

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