Teenagers give wallet back, refuse cash reward: “They only wanted to do the right thing”

Amy Christie

When Chris Person lost his wallet in the parking lot of a Publix store, he looked around the area for almost 2 hours with no luck. His 72-year-old mother also helped in the search, and they checked surveillance cameras for the parking lot, but the wallet seemed to have vanished permanently.

So, they gave up hope of ever seeing the essential documents in it again. But the very next day, three strangers knocked on their door to bring it back.

What are the details?

The wallet had the man’s driver’s license, cash, credit cards, a vaccination card, and a gift card that could be redeemed by anyone, according to Good News Network.

When Chris and his mother were convinced that they were all gone, kind strangers surprised them with a selfless action. The next day after the wallet disappeared, three people came to their front door in Palmetto Bay, Florida.

Lucas Perry had spotted the wallet in the parking lot after it had fallen out of Chris’s pocket. He talked about it with his father and sister, and they all decided to come together to bring it back.

Chris was amazed at this personal delivery and realized that Eduardo Perry had truly instilled values while raising his two kids. That was proven further when he looked inside the wallet and discovered that all his cash, amounting to $100, was still there.

“They refused my offer to keep the money inside. They only wanted to do the right thing. Eduardo wanted to teach his children the impact of an honest act, but I have a strong feeling these teens would have done it anyway,” Chris shared with the outlet.

As it turns out, they also discovered they have a lot of things in common. Chris saw that Lucas and his sister Maya were very respectful and “never looked at their phones.”

“We found we had many commonalities between us, particularly a love of classic rock. I’m fortunate to know this talented family. We also spent time listening to Maya play my guitar and sing ‘Let it Be’ with her beautiful, sweet voice,” Chris said.

The following weekend, Chris and his wife bought a new TV and realized they wouldn’t need their surround sound system anymore. So, Chris remembered Eduardo enjoyed quality audio, picked up the phone, and asked him if he would like to have it. Eduardo was excited by the offer!

“So, one Sunday, they drop off my wallet at my house, and the next Sunday, they are back to pick up a surround sound system. I made three new friends. What an amazing experience!” Chris concluded about the event that may be the start of a long-term bond.

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