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Boy asks officer to pray together at bus stop: “A moment to keep in my heart”

Amy Christie

A boy who lives in Kentucky was on his way to school when he came up with a heartwarming idea that brightened a patrol officer’s day and showed there is still kindness and positivity around us.

The little boy went up to her at a bus stop and asked the officer if they could pray together. And that started a wonderful day for both of them.

What are the details?

Officer Jan Dykes doesn’t know where the little boy lives or his name, but his gesture touched her and made her see life differently, according to The Epoch Times.

The Louisville Metro Police Department shared the kind gesture on social media, and several people joined in to celebrate the memorable encounter.

“Officer Dykes visits kids before school. This fellow asked her to pray with him, a moment to keep in her heart forever,” the department wrote online.

There was also a photo accompanying the remarkable story, which shows the officer on one knee, with her left hand on the little boy’s heart and her right hand on her heart. Both the child and the officer keep their eyes closed as they stand united in sharing a prayer for the day.

“He said, ‘I want to pray for the officer’s safety, my new friend; I hope her day is great, and she makes lives better,’” Dykes said about the experience.

The officer added that the little boy also prayed for himself and the people he would meet at school.

While the officer came back to the same bus stop in the afternoon hoping to connect with the little boy who had turned her whole day around, she couldn’t find him, as the outlet points out.

She hopes other people will see how much his gesture mattered and realize that sharing prayers can fulfill hopes and sustain those in need of support in these trying times.

“Often, people are thinking how you can go and help them. It’s nice to see he wanted to do that for me. He made me happy, especially seeing someone so young. He just wanted to help, and he just wanted to be that positive light,” the officer concluded.

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