Man gets homemade gifts after helping crow family for years: “Mindful and creative”

Amy Christie

Stuart Dahlquist loves watching birds, but he never imagined they were also observing him in turn. The creative gifts he received from a crow family took him by surprise, and they serve as a reminder that none of us lives isolated.

Kindness always comes back one way or another if the gift is genuine.

What are the details?

The enthusiastic bird watcher left food for a family of crows in his backyard for several years, and he didn’t think they might want to give him something in return, according to Good News Network.

So, he was shocked and pleased when they reached out with unique gifts.

The 56-year-old man first got to know the birds when he saved two little ones that had fallen out of their nest.

Dahlquist shared that he loves listening to birds chirping, so he is often outside getting some positive energy.

After the time when he found the little birds and put them back in their nest, the man left out food and water for all of them at the base of the tree in which they had their nest. Then he started throwing bird food in his front yard, and the crows immediately noticed and appreciated his gesture.

When did the gifts show up?

One day while he was getting ready to feed the crows, Dahlquist suddenly noticed a fir sprig decorated with a soda can tab. It had been left precisely in the spot where he always sat while feeding the birds.

“I noticed it because I’m sensitive about trash going where it belongs, but the pull tab being threaded onto the sprig of fir wasn’t normal, and I hung onto it,” he said for the outlet.

And the next day brought a second gift, another branch decorated in the same soda tab style. The man was amazed when he discovered that the birds were actually observing him and reacting to his behavior.

“This isn’t only generous. It’s creative; it’s art. My mind is blown,” he said.

Dahlquist intends to stay friends with the crow family and keep this unique connection going.

“They’ll follow along when I take my walks, landing on the wires along the way. They are very amiable and will sometimes fly within a few feet, swooping by to say, ‘Here I am!’” he concluded.

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