Lost dog rescues family, reunites with owners: “He knew something wasn’t right”

Amy Christie

A dog leaped into action in Virginia to warn a woman and her kids of danger. Thanks to Butter, the apparently stray dog that liked their house and care, the family made it out of the residence before first responders got there.

What are the details?

Charity Golloway and her two children had been looking after Butter, a dog that seemed to like their home more than anything.

They assumed he was a stray dog and built an outdoor shelter for him, including an electric lamp so he could stay warm and wouldn’t feel alone, according to Sunnyskyz.

And their kindness was certainly paid back tenfold by the brave and loyal dog. The lamp caught fire at one point, and the dog’s shelter was very close to the house.

So, Butter ran outside the bedroom window and barked to wake Golloway up.

“He knew something wasn’t right, and someone had to know. He’s a smart dog,” Golloway shared with WJHL.

Butter didn’t give up until Golloway got up. This was just in time to feel the flames’ heat and hear a window break inside the house.

“The flames just got big fast. It’s overwhelming actually how fast it happened,” Golloway added.

The woman and her kids hurried out of the house and managed to stop the fire before it took over the whole building. And Butter was the one who made all the difference. He acted fast, and no one got injured.

He was also the first to greet the firefighters when they arrived at the location.

“It was a nice dog. It came and played with us, and I was sitting and petting it, nice as it could be,” Justin Stidham, one of the firefighters who responded to the emergency call, said.

What happened next?

A photo of the dog meeting firefighters was posted on social media, and that’s how Butter’s story came to light. He wasn’t really a stray dog, and his original owners recognized him online as Cooper. He had been gone from their house in the summer, and they could confirm it was him.

“He’s going to leave us, and that makes me want to cry, but I’m happy for him. We will be in touch,” Golloway said, pointing out that all her family is happy the dog will be back in his forever home.

And, since no good deed goes without reward, Butter will be getting a steak before he heads back home.

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