Abandoned siblings reunite after half a century: “Bonded from the first moment”

Amy Christie

A brother and sister who were abandoned when they were only babies have found each other after a search that went on for five decades. They have also discovered there was a third baby abandoned in a phone box, who is their full sibling.

The three of them came together and never mean to be apart again.

What are the details?

David McBride, 59, was left in a shopping bag in Belfast, on the front seat of a car. Helen Ward, 53, was abandoned six years later, in Dundalk, inside a phone box, according to The Epoch Times.

Even though they’ve actively searched for their parents all this time, David and Helen didn’t realize they were brother and sister until they took a DNA test.

“We bonded from the first moment as if we’ve known each other forever. It was surreal finding out your sister has been through the same thing, but it means she can understand you better. We sat there for three hours, oblivious to everything going on around us,” David shared with the outlet.

Helen agrees that finding each other again was amazing, and she knows they were very lucky.

“I found a brother; he had a sister; it was an incredible moment,” she said.

As David and Helen shared their story with the media, another woman was watching them on TV from Australia. She noticed similarities between their story and her father’s life, John Dowling.

Once they got a DNA test, all suspicions were confirmed. John, 56, was also a sibling, and he was abandoned in a phone box.

As the outlet reveals, all the children were born to a Protestant father and a Roman Catholic mother who had a secret relationship for 40 years.

David, John, and Helen were all raised by adoptive families but didn’t know anything about where they came from until now. They have their own families and wish to become one big family while staying connected and sharing everything from now on.

They don’t know why they were abandoned, and it will likely remain a secret of the past.

“We didn’t find much out about our parents, other than that they both passed away. Sadly, we couldn’t meet them to get some answers,” David concluded.

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