New Jersey brothers walk 3,200 miles, raise $70,000 for fellow restaurant workers: “People want to help neighbors”

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Two brothers who work as bartenders decided to do their best to help other restaurant workers forced to stay at home in these trying times. So, they took to the road literally and walked 3,200 miles.

What are the details?

Aiden and Louis Ardine started their journey on a boardwalk in Asbury Park, in New Jersey. Since then, they continued walking and eventually arrived close to the Pacific shore, thus completing their wondrous walkabout, according to Good News Network.

The brothers had hoped to gather about $30,000 for charities focused on helping restaurant workers cope with daily struggles until restrictions are lifted. However, they ended up making a lot more than that, thanks to the kindness of the people they met and the goodwill shared along the way.

Their efforts brought in $70,000, which was split between the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation and the COCO Fund.

Verizon also got on board with their initiative and kicked off a donation drive for the Ardines, who walked through 11 different states in their 162 days’ journey. The brothers had to face 80 degrees variations in temperature and several elevation changes within 12,000 feet.

“A huge community helped, whether people were donating or helping us navigate our way. This adventure was founded in a hopeful notion about America, and it confirmed that people are inherently good and want to help neighbors,” Aiden Ardine shared with App.

During their voyage, the brothers had the chance to see amazing views and many roads, but what they will keep from the whole experience is the help they received from so many strangers.

As the outlet points out, the two brothers will always think kindly of the man who met them on a hot day in Iowa, ran, and doubled back to bring them some cold Gatorade. They also met a Nevada campground manager who allowed them to stay for free.

They also had some heart-stopping moments, such as the time when they “interviewed” a black bear which happened to show up around the corner, within a few feet of their trail.

Several supporters were waiting for them when they got to San Francisco, on the beach.

After ending their fantastic journey, the brothers flew home with their mom, who had also been waiting for them at the “finish line.”

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