Bride’s dad invites stepfather to join walk down the aisle: “Honored to be included”

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A father had an original idea to make his daughter’s wedding day special. He invited her stepfather to join them as they were walking down the aisle.

Both men had played an essential part in her life, so this made everyone smile as love connected all taking part in the celebration.

What are the details?

Kelsey Griffith, 27, was the happy bride who got to have both her dads on the most wonderful day in her life. She is from Birmingham, Alabama, and had her dad Jerry Ellenburg, 55, accompany her while walking down the aisle.

However, Jerry knew that Andy Wallace, 60, Kelsey’s stepdad, had also been very close to her, so he thought this moment was meant to be shared as a family. He beckoned him to join them as they kept on walking down the aisle, according to The Epoch Times.

“He was tearing up and emotional. He had no idea, and he felt so honored to be included in our wedding day. It showed a family can be blended and still work. Both have always been there for me. I’m so glad my dad and my stepdad shared such a moment,” Kelsey said about the wonderful occasion.

Kelsey had to postpone her wedding to Zac Griffith, 29, due to the pandemic, but they finally arranged to have the ceremony in Westover, Alabama, at a manor house.

Her parents got divorced when she was very young, and her mother met her stepdad three years after that.

“They got married, so I grew up with my stepdad as well. I have been blessed with a great relationship with my father and stepfather throughout my life. They get along great; my friends were always surprised to hear how well they get along. They play golf, and my dad is always a part of the holidays and birthdays,” she shared.

Jerry let his daughter know about his idea while they were rehearsing for the ceremony. He told her he planned to invite Andy to join them and that he really wanted everything to be a surprise.

@griffithk5 My dad surprised my step dad by including him in our walk down the aisle🤍 #theperfectday #fyp #wedding #dancingqueen ♬ original sound - Nicole Reynolds

“I was nervous. I wanted to be sure everything went smooth, but I couldn’t wait to see Andy’s reaction. I thought my stepdad might figure it out because we sat them in the middle so he could walk with us. My mom moved to the front row once he started walking with us,” Kelsey recalls.

When the time came, and Kelsey started walking down the aisle, Jerry asked Andy to come with them, and it moved him to tears.

“Afterward, we got to hear how surprised my stepdad was, and he was so thankful to my dad for including him,” the happy bride concluded.

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