Mother who had to give up son tracks him and granddaughter after six decades

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A mother who had to give up her newborn son for adoption found him again after 66 years. He is now living in Australia, and the woman also discovered a granddaughter thanks to a DNA test.

What are the details?

Issy Carr, 86, lives in North Yorkshire, England, and she had to give up her baby George, now named Keith, when she was only 20 years old, according to The Epoch Times.

During the time that’s passed, she’s often thought about finding him again, but it was only when one of her friends said she should try ancestry tracking that the real search started.

As it turns out, her sample matched a 43-year-old woman named Kym. She was living in Perth, Australia, and was searching for her father.

Several more tests revealed that there was a 99.59 percent match between them and that Issy was Kym’s grandmother, as the outlet points out.

“My son emigrated to Australia with his family, had met someone but split up,” Issy shared.

Issy’s niece Angela Bowskill and Janet Staveley, a relative, went ahead to launch a search campaign on social media. They used the info they had on George: his birth name, a possible surname, and his date of birth.

After a laborious search, they finally got to library records showing an address under the surname of Garrahy.

So, Kym went to his house with her husband and asked him his date of birth before saying, “I’m your daughter.”

Just a few days later, Issy connected with her son after over six decades on a Zoom call. Since then, the three of them have been spending more time chatting and getting to know each other in an emotional get-together than is still online for now.

“Keith is the spitting image of me. We share a similar sense of humor. His daughter even has a cat called Bonnie, as I do,” Issy said.

She remembers that she loved her son from the moment he was born, even though a nurse told her she should “not see or hold him.”

“He was rushed away, and I never saw him again. My mother told me I would forget him, but I never did. I tried countless times to find out where he had gone, but I failed. I never forgave my parents,” Issy concluded, happy that she got a second chance after so many years of hope.

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