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Dog becomes “Branch Manager” after carrying large sticks on every walk: “Always see the bigger picture”

Amy Christie

A dog mom from Charlotte, North Carolina, thought it was funny when her puppy started carrying big sticks every time they went outside for a walk. They were a lot bigger than she was, but she had a passion for them.

As it turns out, the sticks became a part of her personality, and the dog has earned a “Branch Manager” nickname after carrying them for five years.

What are the details?

Molly Kuekes’ golden retriever Eden delighted all neighbors with her fascination for huge sticks, and now her passion is slowly rubbing off on one of her puppies, called Bowser, according to The Epoch Times.

The two of them have started choosing sticks to carry together when they’re out walking, and the sight is adorable.

Molly decided to adopt Eden the first time she lived on her own. When she saw Eden approaching a huge tree branch, Molly thought she wouldn’t manage to move it.

“To my surprise, she did!” she shared with the outlet, and the dog carried that first branch proudly all the way home.
“She dragged it along with her. It makes me—and our neighborhood—smile when she carries sticks on our walks,” she added.

Eden had some trouble bonding with Bowser, but they soon found a common language that brought them closer for fun times.

“Seeing Eden share her sticks with Bowser was a huge deal, and it’s like she accepted him into our pack,” Molly explained.

Molly shares Eden and Bowser’s adventures on social media because she is convinced that we can all learn something from their joy in little things.

“Life Lesson: always see the bigger picture,” one of her captions says, referring to the increasingly huge sticks finding their way to her excited dogs.

Does your dog do something similar? Or maybe they like to carry something different, like a tennis ball?

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