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Softball pitcher plays on opposing team when pitcher gets sick: “They were struggling, so I stepped up”

Amy Christie

An eighth-grader who lives in Adairsville, Georgia, set an outstanding example of sportsmanship. The team she was splaying against was about to be left without a pitcher because she got sick, so she didn’t think twice about helping them out of the difficult situation.

What are the details?

Lily Roberts plays for the Adairsville JV Softball Team as a pitcher, according to Sunnyskyz. Their opposing team was about to lose when their pitcher got ill, so Lily had a unique idea.

“They were struggling, and I knew the game would have to end, to forfeit. So I thought, I would love to step up,” she shared with 11 Alive.

And that’s precisely what she did. Roberts went to the other team and pitched for them. She didn’t do her own team any favors with easy balls, either. Instead, she kept them trying hard for a win.

“She would smile and throw them a strike. She was pitching like in a championship game,” Kelly Abernathy, who is coaching the team, said.

And Lily’s team understood the situation, as did everyone on the benches. As she played for the other team, all the girls on both benches kept cheering.

“The other team was supportive of me coming to pitch for them. I heard them cheering when I was pitching, and it made me feel good,” she recalls.

As coach Abernathy put it, it’s not the win that brings him the most joy; it’s seeing the players learn valuable lessons right on the field.

“If we could be positive like Lily is, there would be fewer problems in the world,” he concluded.

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