Pregnant mother gives up leg to save her baby: “It’s all been worth it”

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A pregnant mother decided to have her leg amputated after she was diagnosed with cancer. It was the only way the doctors gave to keep her baby girl.

What are the details?

Kathleen Osborne, 28, lives in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, in England. She didn’t know she was four months pregnant when she had an MRI scan that diagnosed her with cancer for the third time. And doctors had another news to give her as well. She was pregnant, according to The Epoch Times.

The mother was given two options: either abort the baby and start chemo or have her leg amputated. In just one night, Kathleen made her decision.

She gave up on her leg, and eight weeks later, Aida-May was born healthy through a C-section.

“I’m happy I decided to lose my leg because it gave me my daughter. If I hadn’t done that then, I’d have lost her and not even have saved my leg in the end anyway. It’s all been worth it. I always wanted a little girl after my boys, and now she’s here, so I’m happy I did it. They always wanted a sister, so it’s worked out for the best, to be honest. I’m still very happy with my decision,” Kathleen shared with the outlet.

The mother also did her best to explain to her boys what would happen when she lost her leg so they wouldn’t be scared or worried.

“I told them that the Transformers are building me a leg, which they love. They keep asking when my Transformer leg will arrive. They think it’s very cool,” she said.

Unfortunately, a new scan showed that cancer had returned to her lungs, and it’s been declared inoperable and terminal. Now Kathleen focuses on making special memories with her three kids while doing chemo to gain more time.

“That’s my only focus now, making memories with them. I don’t know how long I have; it could be years or just months. As long as they have memories with me, I’m happy. I can go then,” the mother said.

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