Couple gives 322 gift cards in free meals to hospital workers: “Where’s the cheer and gratitude?”

Amy Christie

A couple from Nelson, B.C., decided to show their appreciation for the city that’s been their home for almost two decades.

Life in Nelson hasn’t been easy lately, so they bought hundreds of gift cards and sent them to the local hospital for each worker to have a free meal.

What are the details?

Jennifer and Ron Taylor have been living in Nelson for about 20 years, but their daily lives have been troubled lately. They noticed how nurses and doctors started out being celebrated and then vilified in 2021, according to Sunnyskyz.

They didn’t understand the change in attitude and made up their minds to show the local hospital that each worker deserves appreciation.

“What happened to the pots and pans? What happened to the drive-by with cheers? What happened to the heart emojis on the windows and every door of homes, of businesses? What happened to that gratitude?” Jennifer said for the Nelson Star.

The couple delivered their special “thank you” in a box they brought to Kootenay Lake Hospital. Inside were $50 gift cards for meals at different restaurants around the city.

They bought 322 gift cards, one for each worker employed by the hospital. Their donation amounted to more than $16,000, as the outlet points out.

They thought it was essential to make sure everyone at the hospital could have a free meal, and they ruled out any option that was below $50. The couple sees their kind action as doubling the support because it will help contribute to keeping local restaurants in business as well.

Jennifer and Ron have done their utmost to help their city get over pandemic struggles, and they have since received letters from over 60 hospital workers.

“To the donors who gave all the staff a gift certificate to the restaurants in Nelson. There’s a wonderful buzz around the hospital, especially for those who don’t get recognized during these times. It is a struggle for all staff, but most just continue to forge ahead with no complaints. We are grateful for your kindness,” one of the letters said.

The couple shared that this initiative means everything to them, and they are convinced that it’s not the money gift that counts but the gratitude and love that it can bring back.

“I want people to understand it’s not the size of the gesture. It is what your words say, show in terms of your gratitude,” Jennifer concluded.

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