Colorado teen saves dad choking at dinner table: “No time to wait for an ambulance”

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A Colorado teenager was awarded for his courage after using lifesaving skills learned in school to rescue his father after he choked while having dinner.

The father was in distress after he heard a joke at the dinner table, and waiting for first responders to get there wasn’t an option. So, Aidan sprang into action and prevented a tragedy.

What are the details?

Heather Christenson, Aidan’s mother, recalled the terrible moment when her husband Fred started laughing after he heard a joke while having his dinner. Suddenly, he started choking on a morsel of food, according to The Epoch Times.

Aidan was in the other room, listening to his favorite songs, but when he heard his father was in distress, he acted immediately.

He went past his mother quickly and performed the Heimlich on his dad. He lifted him off the ground twice and managed to get rid of the obstruction and help him breathe again.

His mother had also grabbed the phone and was dialing 911. Fortunately, the emergency was gone before first responders arrived at the house.

“I knew by the time the ambulance shows up, he would probably be dead,” Aidan shared with the outlet, pointing out the reason for his speed.

The eighth-grader learned the Heimlich maneuver at Brush Middle School.

“He just sits there and soaks in information like a sponge. He was never afraid to try things in the classroom. And it opened him up a little bit more to really build confidence as well,” Paul Acosta, his instructor, said, commending Aidan’s aptitude for absorbing new concepts.

The teenager was recognized for his outstanding action by the Morgan County Ambulance Service, and he received the first Community Lifesaver Award in the town’s history.

“My husband is with us. If Aidan had not acted, Fred would not be here,” his mother, who is grateful and very proud, concluded.

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