Dad turns life around for his daughter, finds out title of her essay: “It all changed on Valentine’s Day”

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A father who was feeling ashamed about his past made the decision to change everything for his daughter.

And the title of her SAT essay touched him and showed that his sacrifice was worth it and would be paid forward with kindness.

What are the details?

The following story was quoted from “Humans of New York,” and it serves to prove that you can be a better person if only you find a reason that’s strong enough to keep you on the right track.

“I thought, ‘Oh no,’ I wasn’t ready for a kid. I had just finished seven years in jail for robbery,” the man recalls, according to Sunnyskyz.

However, everything was about to change precisely on Valentine’s Day. That’s when he found out he would be a dad and that the baby would be a girl.

“I started buying all this girly stuff right away. I became more civil to raise my daughter to be kind and respectful. So, I became that person. And she became that person too,” the man, whose identity has not been disclosed, said.

He got used to picking her up every day from school, right after he finished work. They visited museums and theaters together, and they also went to Disney World three times.

“Every year on my birthday, we got tea at the Four Seasons. She was the valedictorian of her class, went on a full scholarship to Duke. She’s in law school at NYU now. When I look at her, I think that she must have done all this by herself. Because I’m kind of ‘street.’ I grew up in the projects,” the man said, still amazed at how wonderful his life was once he became a parent.

He is very proud of his daughter because of her achievements, but he is hesitant to take credit for them.

“I’ve always thought I had nothing to do with it, but friends tell me I made a big difference. And I did always teach her to work hard and do her best,” the father shared.

So, when he found out the title of his daughter’s essay, he couldn’t help smiling and feeling that they were the best team together.

“She told me recently that when she had to write an essay for her SAT, she called it ‘My Father, My Hero,’” he concluded.

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