Florida community steps in to help man accused of stealing diapers: “Thank you to everyone who cared”

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Several people in a Florida city decided to help a father after the local police department posted photos showing him while taking diapers from Walmart.

What are the details?

According to the Winter Haven Police Department, a father with two kids went shopping at Walmart. While there, the man tried to pay for the items in his cart, diapers, and wipes.

However, after his card was declined many times, he just took the items and did not pay, as Sunnyskyz reports.

The police were asking the public to help them find the man but what happened surprised everyone in the department.

“If your card is declined, that is not a license to just walk out with the items anyway,” the post from the department said.

“He scans the items, attempts pay, and the card is declined, walks out of the store, comes back in with a different card also declined several times. He decides to take the items anyway,” the social media message added.

As it turns out, the public did not want this man to get arrested, and many strangers teamed up to give him a way out of this challenging situation.

“I will pay for these items if you leave this man alone,” one user wrote after finding out what happened.

“I don’t condone stealing, but why don’t you all step up to help this dad instead of berating him. I’ll help pay for the diapers,” was how another user saw this situation.

Hundreds of comments like these reached the police department, and the result was amazing. The charges against the father were dropped.

“We know everyone is enthralled with the Walmart shopper who walked out without paying after three attempts. We did receive a tip of his identity this morning, and we made contact with him. We have been speaking with Walmart, and they signed a waiver of prosecution, so no charges will be filed. We delivered this news, and we also told him of numerous resources available. Thank you to all caring citizens,” was the update posted by a spokesperson for the police department after the incident and the wave of kindness from so many people living in the area.

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