Online community raises $8,000 in a few hours to save cat’s life

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Almost 200 online users came together to help a Florida woman save her pet’s life. The cat had been diagnosed with a life-threatening condition, but the community pitched in very fast so Ashton would be safe and healthy again.

What are the details?

Jill was very worried about her cat. Ashton was suffering from Feline Infectious Peritonitis, a viral disease, according to Sunnyskyz.

Unfortunately, this disease can be fatal to cats, and her owner was desperate to find a solution.

That’s when she got the idea to turn to Reddit. She wrote in a community dedicated to cats (r/cats) and asked if anyone would be willing to help Ashton.

“How can I save him? I can’t afford the life-saving treatment he needs. I am desperate. He is my emotional support animal, my everything,” Jill wrote in the community.

A few minutes later, one Reddit user called scholarlyfox pitched in, saying he would cover the vet bill.

“I will happily cover treatment if you want to give the vet my number,” the user wrote.

And that was only the beginning. Soon many others offered to help her too. That’s how a GoFundMe kicked off to pay for Ashton’s treatment.

The $8,000 goal was surpassed in just 4 hours, and almost 200 donors contributed to making it happen.

Several members of the cat forum shared how happy this common objective made them feel and that making a difference in one pet’s life fills hearts and adds so much positive energy.

“Bumped up my faith in humanity a bit!” one user wrote about it.

“I needed some hope today. This brought me to tears,” was how another user saw it.

“We reached our goal. I will be posting updates on Ashton as he starts his treatments. It’s a long road, but because of you all, I have hope, and I am so eternally grateful to everyone who has helped, believed in me, and been supportive. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love and appreciate you all. Thank you so much,” Jill wrote in an update, emphasizing just how grateful she is to everyone who helped save Ashton.

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