Florida man organizes fishing trips for fatherless kids: "Show them somebody loves them"

Amy Christie

A Florida man has started a kindness initiative for helping kids without father figures to look up to. He now takes several kids on fun fishing trips.

His nonprofit organization called Take a Kid Fishing Inc. is certainly spreading kindness and adding positive energy while changing one life at a time.

What are the details?

William Dunn went through hard times while he was growing up in Miami. He spent his childhood on a boat, as his father was in charge of a lobster business, according to Sunnyskyz.

That's how Dunn realized fishing can be an escape and will release stress and any pent-up negativity.

"I knew how special it was when dad took me. It's like being out in another world. I can't explain it," Dunn shared with the outlet.

After he grew up, Dunn didn't lose his unique connection to fishing, and he felt called to improve other people's lives.

"I worked in a lot of bars. I got divorced. I decided to change my life, start helping others, and to live right," he said.

In the beginning, he didn't know who he should be reaching out to help, but one talk with his neighbor pointed him in the right direction. His calling became apparent as soon as his neighbor asked him to take her son on a fishing trip.

"He was destructive, very angry... found out his dad was not in his life. I started taking him fishing on the weekends," Dunn recalls.

And in a matter of days, he noticed the tremendous change that fishing brought in the boy's behavior. He got better grades in school, and he was more respectful towards his mother.

"He was just becoming more of a man of the household because his dad was still not in his life," Dunn added.

After seeing how fishing helped the boy, Dunn understood that it was his "life calling to help other kids that are fatherless."

Since he started on this initiative, Dunn has given more than 1,500 fishing trips to kids. He helped them discover what a joy it is to spend time outdoors, and they had the opportunity to learn fishing in a fun way.

"A lot of them have never been on the water or held a fishing rod. It blesses me every day that at 54 years old, I am able to show these kids that somebody loves them," he concluded.

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