Deer jumps over fence, joins the fun on football game

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A group of kids was out playing football when they suddenly realized someone else wanted to join the fun. An antlered stag no less jumped over the fence and headed over to the pitch.

The fantastic game was captured in southwest London, and the children who saw the deer who got curious about football will surely have a great time talking about their adventure.

What are the details?

The red deer invited itself right into the middle of the game. The kids were out playing football in Teddington, at Bushy Park Sports Club, according to The Epoch Times.

The unique moments were captured by Giedrius Stakauskas, a photographer who happened to pass by and wouldn’t let the special moment get lost.

As the outlet points out, the football game was played between Epsom & Ewell Colts and U10 Dragons.

As soon as the unexpected intrusion took place, both teams got a bit alarmed and paused while thinking what they should do about it. While they were considering the situation, the fearless deer kept exploring the pitch and got more interested by the second.

“I could see this stag walking before he jumped. I heard the children, and some ran away. The people watching were amazed—stunned to see such an unusual sight,” Stakauskas shared.

The photographer is convinced that the stag spent about 10 minutes on the pitch, and he snapped into action so everyone could see those beautiful moments.

Once the startling seconds passed, the surprise player decided to wander back into the trees. The kids resumed their game and told everyone what had happened.

About 320 red deer live in Bushy Park, one of the royal parks in London, as reported by The Epoch Times.

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