Wrong phone call starts two decades’ friendship between Florida woman and Rhode Island man

Amy Christie

When Gladys Hankerson tried to reach her sister, who had her home in Maryland, she accidentally dialed the wrong number. And that mistake created a special connection, and it started a friendship that’s still going strong today.

The bond she shares with Mike Moffitt from Rhode Island started unexpectedly, but it’s still there after two decades.

What are the details?

“At first, it was her saying, very sweet ‘I’m so sorry, child!’ and then she hangs up really quick,” Moffitt shared, according to Sunnyskyz.

And it wasn’t the only time it happened. During the next few weeks, the woman accidentally called him a few more times.

“Finally, I just grabbed it and said, ‘Wait, before you go, who are you, where are you from, what are you trying to do? And we started talking,” Moffitt recalled.

Hankerson lives in Delray, Florida, and she told the man that the calls happened because she kept trying to reach out to her sister.

“I told him, ‘I’m sorry I was trying to call my sister,’ and he said, ‘This is Mike.’ I said my son had passed away and he said I’m so sorry and he talked really nice to me, and I talked nice to him, and after that, I had his phone number, and I put it down on paper, and I always called him,” she said.

Meeting Moffitt and starting this unlikely friendship came at a difficult time in the woman’s life, and she is grateful for how this bond sprang up. She had just been through a divorce and had also lost her son. However, she shared that Moffitt always made her look to the bright side of things, and he knew how to lift her mood.

There was also a specific moment when the man knew the relationship had changed, that they weren’t strangers anymore. They were not people who just happened to be talking due to a wrongly dialed number, but true friends.

“She had her son call at one time to let me know that somebody close to her passed away. Our relationship became not like a superficial check-in call. I understood what it meant to her,” Moffitt said.

Last week marked their two decades’ friendship in a unique way. On the day before Thanksgiving, the two of them got to meet in person for the first time. It took place while Moffitt was taking a trip to Florida, and he brought his wife and kids with him.

“Oh, it was such a great day, that was the happiest Thanksgiving there was, that made my day. I wish more people could be like that, you know? That would be so nice, the world would be better too, people would be better,” Hankerson said about the touching encounter.

After they met, Moffitt posted a photo with him and Hankerson on social media, and it’s been shared by more than 800 online users who realized how friendship could change lives and bring back hope.

“There are incredible people in this world, a wrong number phone call away,” Moffitt wrote in his post.

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