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Driver gives up his car to rescue another driver having a seizure: “I had to do something”

Amy Christie

A brave motorist didn’t hesitate to sacrifice his own car to save another driver who was having a seizure. The incident took place on a highway in the Netherlands.

What are the details?

Henry Temmermans, who lives in Nunspeet, was in his car, driving on the A28 highway, close to Harderwijk. It was Friday afternoon, and he was getting ready for a relaxing weekend when he suddenly spotted another car, according to Sunnyskyz.

The vehicle was advancing on the grass, and it had almost reached the highway.

He could feel something was wrong, so he looked closely at the other car’s windows. That was when Henry realized the woman in the driver’s seat was unconscious.

“I didn’t hesitate for a moment. I had to do something,” he said for Omroep Gelderland.

Henry took a split-second decision and sped up. That’s how he got in front of the other car so the woman’s vehicle would crash into him. He slowed down until the impact happened.

And his plan was successful. The woman’s vehicle hit the back of his car and then came to a stop.

Another motorist had shown up behind them in the meantime, and he managed to get the whole incident on his dashcam.

“We both got out immediately. He called emergency, and then we looked in the car together,” Temmermans recalls.

In 10 minutes, an ambulance arrived at the location, and the woman was transported to a hospital. She is stable and expected to make a full recovery.

Temmermans’ car couldn’t be driven after the impact, so he had to call in a truck for it.

As it turns out, the encounter with the other driver brought back memories and good times.

“The other driver took me home. That turned out to be an old acquaintance from 25 years ago when we were both young and wild,” he shared with the outlet.

Henry was contacted by the woman’s husband and her daughter on the very next day. They wanted to show their gratitude and thank him for saving her life.

“They were very grateful to me,” Henry concluded.

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