Couple organizes walks to get rid of loneliness, hundreds show up: “Community back together”

Amy Christie

A couple felt they were done with the constant isolation after more than a year into the pandemic. So, they decided to launch a community activity that would end loneliness.

What they didn’t expect was the hundreds of people that would join their meetups. Thankfully, they have a megaphone now.

What are the details?

Jake Williams and Charlotte Sinclair are both in their 30s and think walking is a great way to improve daily life and bring back a sense of community. They set up the Talk the Walk, an initiative that encourages people to come together and explore London, according to Good News Network.

No cars are allowed, and people get to see each corner of the city on foot.

The purpose of this project was to make sure everyone had fun, and the couple didn’t expect more than a few people to gather. That’s why they were so surprised when they saw hundreds joining them.

They got several messages full of enthusiasm for their idea.

“Our services are really in demand,’ Jake shared with the outlet.

Every time they announce a new walk, 200-300 people of different ages will be there to join them. And each event kicks off with icebreaker games based on “fun questions” that dissipate nervousness and make people feel comfortable.

Different landmarks are chosen for each walk, with King’s Cross, the Regent’s Canal, Hampstead Heath getting picked so far.

“I have a megaphone now, thank God. I’ve done some crazy things in my time working from home to stop loneliness, like dog sitting for people and joining gyms just so I can have more conversations with people,” Jake said for My London.

As far as the purpose of their initiative is concerned, they are convinced it’s meant to bring people out of the stay-at-home isolation phase and to encourage them to be a part of the community again.

“I think that it’s hugely impactful for people who have been affected by COVID, by being forced to work from home and having that isolation. Our focus is to end loneliness and to bring communities back together,” Jake explained in an email.

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