Musician’s birthday joke turns into $600,000 donation for orphanages: “The outcome exceeded all expectations”

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A musician and showman from Nigeria asked his friends to send in some money to get his Rolls Royce released from a port.

The money he asked for on social media turned into a significant donation from friends and fans, and the full amount was given to orphanages that needed help in the country.

The joke rounded up $600,000, exceeding all hopes for such an initiative. And particularly when it was only meant playfully. The artist is deeply thankful to everyone who contributed.

What are the details?

Davido, one of the most successful musicians in Africa, had to raise $485,000, and he only needed four days to make it happen, according to Good News Network.

The amount came from fans and friends after he posted on social media, “If u know I’ve given you a hit song, send me money,” adding his bank info too.

Many fans and other people living in Nigeria were a bit confused by this request since there are so many people who have trouble with their day-to-day expenses. So, it came as a surprise when someone who was already wealthy took to social media to ask for more money.

The artist’s initial idea was simply to ask for other people in the same industry and fellow musicians to send him a total of $50,000.

However, as soon as fans got on the initiative the amount turned out to be much more significant than the musician ever imagined.

On Friday, when the fundraiser had already got to $163,000, Davido came up with the idea that he should just “give it all away.”

At the same time, he released a music video, presumably as a way to thank all his dedicated fans.

“It was getting too much. It’s not in my type of character to keep that,” the 29-year-old musician said for CNN.

Shortly after that, Davido stated the purpose for the money that had come to him through social media. He also added that he would be contributing $120,000 out of his pocket.

“In my usual playful manner, I requested a few days ago that my friends and colleagues send money in celebration of my birthday. The response and outcome exceeded my expectations,” the written statement from the artist said.

According to CNN, Davido has already set up a disbursement committee to seek out orphanages that need the money, and to distribute it fairly between them.

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