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Woman rescues abandoned pet bunny, spends 4 days outside to gain his trust

Amy Christie

A young woman didn’t think twice before spending four days outside while trying to help an abandoned pet bunny to trust her.

After finding out that the pet bunny had been left on its own outside her apartment, Alicia Castro, 25, spent her time trying to make the bunny warm up to her so she could find him a new home.

What are the details?

Castro had to go through freezing temperatures while she tried to help the bunny learn how to trust her. She talked to him and left tasty snacks at mealtimes until she finally coaxed the scared bunny to go inside a crate, according to Good News Network.

Castro, who lives in Montana, said that even though many people knew about the bunny, no one did anything to help him.

“Tons of people knew the rabbit was there! A few said they tried to catch it, but nobody really cared enough to do anything. With the cold weather incoming, I knew that time was important, and I’d feel so guilty if I didn’t do anything,” she recalled.

And there was one special moment when she realized that giving up on the bunny was not an option.

“Once I looked in his eyes, I knew that I had to save him, no matter what it took. It was very stressful. I was sick, and it was barely above freezing,” she shared with the outlet.

Despite the challenge brought by the very low temperatures, she didn’t leave him.

“Every day I would sit outside in the cold with him, gaining his trust, feeding him, and trying to get him to climb into my crate. At first, I just had a towel to grab him with, but by day four, I had proper food, a crate, and knowledge that made rescuing him possible,” Castro said about the bonding experience.

The most difficult time for her was the third day. That’s when she started doubting whether she would ever catch him and bring the bunny back to safety and comfort.

“Day three was definitely the hardest. I was so frustrated and started to worry that I would never catch him, not only letting down this poor, helpless rabbit, but also the millions of people who were watching along too,” she said.

Fortunately, she kept up her efforts, and her patience finally had results. The rabbit learned how to trust Castro, and he is now living a cozy and protected life again.

In the beginning, Castro didn’t think she would keep the rabbit now named Bunny, but the more they stayed together, the closer they got, and the love grew all the time.

As she fell in love with him a tiny bit more every day, Castro finally made up her mind to give him his forever home.

“I called every Humane Society in the area, and they were full, so I planned to foster him until we could find him a good home,” she said.

There was also the issue of another pet in the same house, but so far, things are looking good, and Bunny is getting along just fine with Kiki, the cat.

“My partner and I have a cat, Kiki, who we adopted four years ago, so we knew we could only keep him if they could coexist. We spend every day acquainting them and getting them used to each other. I’m so happy with the progress we’ve made,” Castro said.

“Even if it’s hard, even if it takes time, don’t give up. There are so many animals that need help and don’t have anybody to stand up for them, so be that person,” she advises anyone who might encounter an abandoned pet that needs help and a warm home full of love.

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